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Unlike the public Federal and State healthcare exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act, private healthcare exchanges are exactly that: private exchanges established by private sector companies, to provide new coverage options to both individuals and employer groups. They’re growing in popularity, especially for employers with a range of employees at varying pay levels who want to offer more benefit plan options. Private exchanges let employees shop for the coverages they want based on individual needs, while helping to control employer costs in today’s turbulent healthcare insurance marketplace.
In truth, we’ve only begun to see how the public and private exchanges will help re-shape benefits planning. That’s why expert advice from the insurance experts at Haas, Haas + Associates is so vital, especially for smaller businesses with so many critical decisions to make. Even if your business insurance is with another firm, feel free to call us for an initial consultation... you might be surprised at all you’ll learn.
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HAAS Cares

HAAS Cares

Bill Haas has been recognized by University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center for creating the Hero of the Month Program which honors outstanding hospital staff members, physicians and volunteers.
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HAAS Wellness

At Haas we do more. It’s not just the right policy, it’s that personal touch that only comes when you have served your clients for as long as we have. Your wellness and your employee’s wellness is important to us.

That’s why we have assembled some of the best health insights and tips from some of our top local talent. Check out our monthly articles, they’re easy to read, easy to post in your breakroom or at home on the fridge.

It’s just one of the ways, Haas gives back.

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